Happy Father's Day!

The Gallery Shop | PUBLISHED 06.18.17 | BRG Staff
Happy Father's Day

The entire staff of BRG extends warm wishes this Father's Day to all fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, foster fathers, and all men who take care of children. Enjoy your special day!

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Light it Up!

The Gallery Shop | PUBLISHED 06.16.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

We've all heard the phrase, "mood lighting," right? Your choices in lighting will help set the tone (or mood) for your space ... romantic, whimsical, minimalistic, formal, etc. In the age of recessed lighting, the idea of accent lighting is often an afterthought to many individual design choices. Here are some of our thoughts on choosing the right lighting!

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BRG's Charity Auction Helping Abandoned Animals

Auction News | PUBLISHED 05.31.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

What do abandoned pets have to do with Black Rock Galleries' online Spring Abandoned Lots Charity Auction? Well, in short, the CT Humane Society! We love animals, especially those that have been abandoned. In fact, owners and managing partners, Christie and Grant, have rescue pets in their own household.

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Ole! Add Mexican & Latin American Flair to Your Home

Interiors | PUBLISHED 05.04.17 | Jennifer Ventresca

What comes to mind when you think Mexican & Latin American design? Bold, bright, and happy colors? Deep rich wood tones juxtaposed with wrought iron accents? The contrast of white-washed walls with dark Spanish-Colonial style beams?

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Fine Art Takes the Spotlight in BRG's Exceptional March Auction

Auction News | PUBLISHED 03.20.17 | Christie Spooner

Don't miss BRG's Exceptional March Auction closing this Wednesday at 7:30 pm EST.

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Integrating Asian Pieces to Create a Stunning, Eclectic Room!

Interiors | PUBLISHED 05.03.17 | BRG Staff

Whether you're looking for a Zen-like room or a fun, eclectic design, Asian furniture and decorative pieces can play a key role in anyone's decorating style while at the same time create a stunning and welcoming room.

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